We at Curlew Hills Memory Gardens support the bravery and dedication of our law enforcement officers in any way we can. That support extends to the brave K-9 officers who also bravely defend our freedoms.

It is with great pride that we have donated burial plots in our pet cemetery to all deceased service animals from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office and the Clearwater Police Department.  We also donate a dignified granite marker to each. Without this donation, each dog’s handler would need to pay out of his own pocket for the burial of the animal upon his death.

Curlew Hills treats the graves of these K-9 officers with dignity and reverence. On Veterans Day and Memorial Day, the K-9 service dogs graves are marked with a flag, along with all the other service men and women in our cemetery. Each Spring, we hold a memorial service to honor the dogs which have been interred in the past 12 months. K9 service dogs and their handlers from many area police and sheriff’s departments including the Clearwater Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office are in attendance at this special public service. Please check our News & Events page for the date of next K9 Service Memorial, which is open to the public.

We believe K-9 enforcement dogs and their human handlers often share a bond that goes deeper than the typical relationship between a pets and an owner. It’s a connection formed over months of rigorous training, countless hours spent in each other’s company, and shared dangers.

Today, Curlew Hills Memory Gardens has over 80 service dogs cremated and buried in our pet cemetery.