At Curlew Hills, we know that pets add joy and unconditional love to our family. When your pet’s brief lives come to an end, it is an emotional journey and you want to ensure you’ve chosen the best for your companion. That’s why Curlew Hills created a special kind of cemetery, just for our beloved pets.

We are proud to be one of Florida’s only authentic pet cemeteries. We have a dedicated section of the cemetery designated only for pets. It features a charming southern gazebo for small gathering and colorful flowering landscaping throughout. The facilities and gardens of our pet cemetery are maintained to the same high standards as the rest of our cemetery through a Perpetual Care Fund so you can rest assured that your pet’s final resting place will remain a permanent place of beauty.

Our pet cemetery offers you the same opportunities to express your love and devotion as a human cemetery. Our services are varied and highly customized to truly reflect your desires. We offer many choices in below and above ground burial options. We also offer pet cremation and personalized memorial services.

The Special Sections of our Pet Cemetery Include:

  • The Garden of Angels
  • Garden of Love
  • Trails End
  • Garden of Heroes – for service animals and K-9 dogs
  • Garden of Companionship
  • Garden of Friendship